*slow motion walking, dramatic music, explosions, eagles, fireworks, blitzkriegs and fine frauleins*

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Right-hand henchman: Adolf Hitler stands beside Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Gestapo, to observe a parade of Nazi Stormtroopers in this file photo from 1940

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Vor 70 Jahren starb Erich Ohser: Vater und Sohn, Gestapo und Tod - n-tv.de

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Bettina Goering, who now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a great niece of Hermann Goering (pictured), who founded the Gestapo secret police, organised the Holocaust and ordered the Blitz on Britain

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Karl Zeitelberger, Served in the Gestapo

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Gestapo prison Small Fortress Theresienstadt, Terezin, north Bohemia, Czech Republic - Stock Image

Hermann Goering, founder of the Gestapo, and the man who ordered Reinhard Heydrich to exterminate the Jews. Goering served as Commander in Chief of the German Air Force, but his main occupation seemed to be looting the occupied territories of their art heritage. At the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial, Goering was sentenced to death by hanging. Somehow, he had obtained and used a poison capsule, escaping the hangman. His body was brought out for display by the Allied authorities.

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DIETRO LE QUINTE DELLA GESTAPO di Pierre Dehillotte OET Edizione Polilibraria *

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