I own this one...love it. :o) Radley Signature Radley Get Me Outta Here 2009 20th Radley Signature bag to be released. YEAR: 2009 SEASON: Autumn / Winter NAME: Radley Get Me Outta Here DESCRIPTION: Radley signature Radley Get Me Outta Here bag. This bag features Radley in the jungle. The rear shows a campfire. It is complete with …

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Don't just stand there with a camera! Get me outta here!! ~ I don't know if the people did help the cat, but we need to start helping our animals instead of making comedy out of them.

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Oh God this is sooo cute! Cel's face!!! Sebby's face!!! Bahahahahha and CLaude is like "Imma creeper crocodile out to steal your babies and bocchans..." ..... Grell's like "LET'S MAKE BABIES IN HERE, BASSSSSYYYY!!!"... Sebby's lke "Get.... me.... outta... here.... this bitch is.... heavy...." And then Mey-rin and Hannah are up on the balcony thing staring at all of them. Ooooh and Bard looks hotttt

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/218612199/get-me-outta-here-maternity-t-shirt

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Divorce rates were rising and inequality was becoming more common. Fahrenheit 451 shows Montag ranting about women and his wife therefore being disrespectful toward them blaming them for divorce, abortion and bad parenting

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