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How to get rid of wasps naturally 2 cups of water 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil 1 teaspoon of dish soap (optional) place in spray bottle and poof they're gone?! :]

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Get Rid of Wasps in Your House

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your House. Wasps, like bees, aren't inherently bad. They pollinate and contribute to the environment in a positive way. However, when they get around people, they are known to get aggressive. Many people are...

Homemade fly/wasp/yellow jacket trap. I made several of these last summer around the chicken area. Worked very well. Simply throw away when full. Avoid sweet bait if you don't want to accidentally trap honey bees. Meat will get more wasps and yellow jackets, rotten stuff will get hornets and flies.

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Natural Wasp Spray to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

Natural Wasp Spray:

How to get rid of wasps this summer! Mix vinegar, salt, and sugar in a container and leave it outside for the wasps to eat. They will be attracted to it because of the sugar, but the vinegar and salt will kill them

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10 Tips And Tricks For Earth Day

A way to get rid of wasps! Lemon with 10 cloves or put out a saucer with cloves in it and wasps hate the scent. @ MyHomeLookBookMyHomeLookBook