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I tried so hard to get better, to get over this, to forget it all and move on and I thought I was getting to the point where I could say that I am feeling a lot better, but right now I couldn't feel any worse... by seeing that you felt that staying with me would have been settling.


Hera pauses and takes a deep breath, as if she's trying not to cry. "I should be over it," she says, "but I'm not. It still haunts me every day." "No, Hera." I say, "You shouldn't be over it. This isn't something you simply 'get over'. It stays with you. And I'm about to find that out for myself."


The battle between logic and feelings, too many thoughts circling around your brain. You want to stop thinking but you can't. You want to believe that there is a solution but you can't. That downward spiral of negative thinking takes over you and you continue to drown in a wave of disaster. Nothing can make you feel better, what can you do? What do you do? I just don't know anymore....

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Beat the Blues: 32 Surprisingly Simple Ways

If it is in your nature to wallow in your sorrows or to obsess over finding one big solution for everything that's got you down in the dumps, try starting with the little things instead.

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You’re just somebody that I used to know (27 photos)

So stop tell me to get over it. Be the friend I need and listen and hate him for making me feel this way. Don't criticize the way I'm handling it. I am doing the best that I can.


A #lifequotes by _knowhopecarvedinme_ #qotd #qoutes I'd rather be at work because then I'm interacting with people and my mind doesn't have time to randomly wander off into the darkness... Where I get sad or numb over NOTHING. Please get out and do something when you're having depression. It really helps. When I feel like this I keep my mind clear of any bad thoughts. Its just something I randomly learned to do. I hope you all can find a way through it too! (Also take meds and therapy. I'm…


Those 6 words keep replaying in my head over and over.. It is never ending... I seem to every time I try and get out of this hole I'm in, I get close and then fall even more down. Yes, I have very low self-esteem and I am depressed, but it won't change the way I try and fight through this world and what the world will try and give me.