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You know that feeling! The gut instinct feeling when you meet someone... like something is off and you're not sure why. Guess what? I'm giving you permission to walk away from someone without reason. If you have that feeling, that's enough reason to say no to someone. It's enough reason to prevent someone from entering your life. If you ever get the gut feeling like something is off, it's your soul talking to you, and telling you something is wrong. Listen to it. #datingtips…


#Repost @askamillionaire I hate when someone sends me a message out of the blue and says "what's up". I like in-depth conversations where we get to know each other and solve problems and build a deeper relationship. That is what gets me excited in life. #janzmedia


When we are ill we sometimes wonder if anyone can love us--be attracted to this imperfect body. YES. . . They CAN! Because we are not our body. Our body is just our shell.