Getting your ears pierced is an exciting experience, and so is picking your first pair of earrings! There are a few factors to consider when choosing your earrings, including figuring out the style you like, deciding which type of metal to...

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Getting your ears pierced can be exciting, but it's important to learn how to properly take care of them so your piercing continues to look good. Learning how to treat your piercing, when to clean it, and how to avoid infection are all...

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The multiple ear-piercing trend strikes the perfect balance between feminine (dainty studs and pearls) and tough (piercings have always been a little badass?) There isn’t really a part of the ear that you can’t adorn with an earring, so why not get creative with your placement?

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I don't care what anybody thinks but I miss my gauged ears, they were only a 4 I didn't get to go to 0g :( imma stretch them again one day

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Does it hurt to get your ears pierced? We filmed our daughter getting hers done so you can see for yourself - she never flinched and is pleased she did it.

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