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Skip the boring parties this Halloween and go on a haunted adventure. Take a ghost tour or go visit historic battlefields late at night, and see who and what you can channel. If you’re feeling brave, visit one of these most haunted spots and try to not get spooked.


A fantastic guide for our ghost hunters who join us on our investigations while not all of these are needed we will provide equipment drinks, torches and snacks are very much required also make sure your phone is charged and primed. Spare batteries for your torch are a good idea'll kick yourself if you miss something because your torch goes dead :)

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13 Haunted Cemeteries That Every Ghost Story Lover Should Visit

13 Haunted Cemeteries That Every Ghost Story Lover Should Visit | Hotel Liquidators liquidates, sells, removes, ships, and installs furniture to make your job easier for you! Call Hotel Liquidators at (248) 918-4747 or visit our website for more information!


Dear Future Husband, I love that you know me so well and suggested this. Can't wait!


Americas Haunted House Guide..The Mrytles Plantation at the top of the list was THE most boring and uneventful place we ever had the displeasure to spend 3 days in. :-/ The only 'scary' thing about that place, are the rip off room rates.