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Conceptual Phtography by Sarah Ann Loreth

This picture makes me think of multiple personalities. I think that we could recreate this, by placing the clowns around her, but moving in the same position as each other to show that they are one entity.

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by ClaireMaree on deviantart -- Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #invisibility

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NO by Melania Brescia

Representation of Tragedy in the temple built at the base of Tower of the Gods, Jericho City .......

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22 impactantes y aterradoras imágenes que te perturbaran

Theme - Reflection Krapp spends his days reflecting on his mistakes that caused him to lose the person he loves and engrossing himself in self loathing.

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1. Her feet left no footsteps, though he didn't notice, and she didn't seem too preoccupied about the fact that she was terribly dressed for cold weather. He was intrigued, as he had been when he first noticed her out the window the day before. She had seemed too familiar with the grounds to be a random trespasser. #1.

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(via An Exquisite Paradox)

shadow | ghost ascending the stairs | brilliant black & white photography | afterlife | trick photography | ghosts |

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