Giant anaconda in the Amazon river.  Wow.

giant anaconda in the Amazon river

"That diver isn't in any danger. I've heard Anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, Hun." It's true.

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Made infamous in the film of the same name – Anaconda – these non venomous, constrictor snakes are found in the swamps and jungles of south America, specifically in Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana and Argentina.

The Biggest Snake That Ever Lived

The Biggest Snake That Ever Lived

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Giant Anaconda attacks human! -

Giant Anaconda attacks Human Real - Biggest Anaconda Snake Attacks Man Caught On Tape

Living Alongside Wildlife: World's Biggest Snake Anaconda Found in Africa's Amazon River - Bogus. Woa

World's biggest snake Anaconda found in South America. It has killed 257 human beings and 2325 animals. It is 134 feet long and 2067 kgs. Africa's Royal British commandos took 37 days to get it killed.

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Meet the Agta, a tribe where a quarter of men have been attacked by giant snakes

Giant anaconda captured after eating pet dog in French Guiana, in pictures. Sebastien said by the time he and his neighbour landed the snake it was too late to re-home it away from the residential area. So he brought it into his family home to spend the night in the bathtub. Picture: Sebastien Bascoules / Barcroft

Capture dun anaconda de 5 mètres il capture un anaconda de 5 metres de long 10

VIDEO : Giant Anaconda Found Dead, Whats Inside The Body is Really ...

VIDEO : Giant Anaconda Found Dead, Whats Inside The Body is Really ...