Giant anteater - Giant Anteaters are native to Central and South America. Their amazing tongues are typically 60 cm (24 inches) long, covered in backward-curving papillae and coated in thick, sticky saliva

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I love anteaters. They're my favorite animal. The day I posted it I'm going to the zoo to see one.

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I'm thinking that anteaters are one of the strangest-looking mammals ever! Competing with platypuses for that title!

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The giant anteater has an enormous protruding jaw that looks like a nose, no teeth, poor eyesight, and two-foot-long tongue.

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Giant anteater (Xenarthra). Exafroplacentalia or Notolegia is a clade of placental mammals proposed in 2001 on the basis of molecular research. Exafroplacentalia places Xenarthra as a sister group to the Boreoeutheria (comprising Laurasiatheria and Euarchontoglires),thus making Afrotheria a primitive group of placental mammals (the group name roughly means "those which are not African placentals"). Updated analysis of transposable element insertions around the time of divergence strongly…

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