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The Gibson Hummingbird - All of our guitar heroes have played one at some point. What a beautiful design for an acoustic! And what beautiful tone to boot!


Gibson J-250 Monarch Acoustic Guitar | Antique Natural....ebony moustache bridge with abalone inlays, genuine diamond gem "I" Gibson logo setting, and gold tuners. This is absolutely gorgeous.


A 1949 Gibson J-45 used by jazzist Julian Lage. This J-45 has mahogany sides and walnut back, while usually the back is mahogany too since the J 45 introduction in 1942. This seems to be the only J-45 around today with this wood feature. You can see more at and here


Gibson SJ-200. I have this exact model, color and all. Originally designed for the singing cowboys of the 1930s and beloved by generations of rockers and country outlaws alike, its widescreen sound and ornate design earned it the designation 'king of the flat-tops.' You'll get no argument from me.


Vintage Gibson Acoustic Guitars. Someone who sets on a journey to find vintage Gibson acoustic guitars may well find themselves frustrated unless they have the time and money to travel the world. Vintage guitars from this company, from about 1910 to 1960 for example, may still be tucked away in a private closet or attic somewhere. But the explosion of interest in such instruments in the last couple of decades may have already been responsible for uncovering the real treasures.