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Gilmore Girls: Seasons (Season 8) first look. ASP has said that the writers of Season 7 took Rory in a direction ASP had not envisioned for her. By the looks of it, Rory seems to now be teaching at Chilton - teaching literature does seem more Rory to me than the journalist thing ever did


Jess helps Rory with garden hose but then when knew that Dean was coming to help, Jess just reopen the hose so that Dean won't know that he was there !


Gilmore Girls, love this show! Richard: Emily, I'm going to google you. Emily: You are certainly not going to google me! Gilmore Girls - Season 4, Episode 8: "Die, Jerk"

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Gilmore Girls Season 8: What We Want to See

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix and we are so excited, we've made a wish list of what we want to see in Season 8!