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Lemon ginger tea – Health benefits - Napitek pa pomaga tudi pri sladkorni bolezni, saj uravnava raven sladkorja, uravnava raven krvnega tlaka in ščiti pred kardiovaskularnimi boleznimi. Za pripravo boste potrebovali eno limono, pest peteršilja, eno žličko naribanega ingverja, eno žličko jabolčnega kisa, pol žličke cimeta v prahu, pol litra vode. Vse sestavine dajte v mešalnik in dobro zmešajte. Nato pripravek popijte tik pred spanjem.

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Health benefits drinking of Grapefruit Juice I totally LOVE grapefruit juice- my no alcohol stress reliever when I need a drink. I used to drink a half gallon of this at work on those super hectic days of deadlines

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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Ginger! An ancient spice used in multiple cultures for thousands of years, especially popularized for its medicinal benefits and improved health effects. It comes in its raw, fresh root form, dried, pickled, ground and jui

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Discover three powerful anti-cancer benefits of ginger and how to get the right variety (and amount!) in your diet for maximum cellular protection.

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While green tea has its benefits, why not switch it up a little and give ginger a try. The health benefits of ginger tea are amazing.

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Keep a jar in the fridge at home or at work for a fun way to help you stay hydrated during the day. Just add a couple of slices of marinated lemon to a glass of water with a couple of teaspoons of the honey, lemon, ginger syrup for a refreshing drink with detoxifying benefits.

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Beets, carrots, apple, kale, celery, lemon, and ginger come together to make a refreshing juice! Benefits of beet juice include detox of the blood, improved mental health, and cancer prevention. Click for this healthy and easy juice recipe you can make in a Vitamix or Blendtec blender. Recipe for blender beet juice found on

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