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Ginger miso soup

Lemon-Ginger Miso Soup (& My Favourite Recipe App for Android)

Lemon-Ginger Miso Soup (antioxidant and good for circulation hence cancer-fighter since cancer declines where oxygenation is good)


Ginger Miso Soba Soup

This hearty miso soup is stocked with warming garlic and ginger, swirls of buckwheat soba noodles, chunks of tofu and a heaping of veggies.


Miso Soup with Vegetables

This one-bowl meal miso soup is chock full of veggies and tofu. So simple and so comforting!


Steak and Mushrooms in Ginger-Miso Broth

Steak and Mushrooms in Ginger-Miso Broth | Slowly simmering onions, ginger, garlic and miso paste in water creates a savory broth that is the basis for this comforting soup.


Ginger Chicken Meatballs in Miso Broth (with Bok Choy)

Ginger lemongrass chicken meatballs and bok choy in miso broth make for a light, healthy and seriously satisfying soup. Bursting with flavor, this soup is the perfect way to cozy up and stay warm!


Japanese Eggplant Miso Noodle Soup

1½ tbsp. vegetable oil, divided ½ lb. extra firm tofu, drained, pressed for at least 20 minutes, and cut into 1 inch cubes 1 tsp. toasted sesame oil 3 garlic cloves, minced ½ tbsp. fresh grated ginger 2 medium Japanese eggplants (about ½ lb. total), cut into ½ inch cubes 5 cups water 3 oz. rice noodle vermicelli ¼ cup white miso paste 2 tbsp. rice vinegar 2 tbsp. soy sauce 3 scallions, chopped 1-2 tsp. toasted sesame seeds


Ginger Miso Sweet Potato Bisque (Dishing Up the Dirt)

Ginger Miso Sweet Potato Bisque | Dishing Up the Dirt | Bloglovin’


Miso Soba Noodle Soup

Miso Soba Noodle Soup: Used this recipe as a guide. Made it with what we had on hand. My tweak: Miso Paste from miso soup packets Braggs instead of Soy Sauce Yellow onion instead of green Firm Tofu, unpressed bc I'm not cool like that 1 can chicken broth & 2 cubes vegan bullion (ha ha) Frozen peas & carrots, frozen chopped broccoli Fresh garlic, ginger and spinach. no mush :( YUM!