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Interesting giraffe facts for kids and adults. We showcase the diet and habitat of giraffes, and reveal whether giraffes are an endangered species.


Spending most of the day eating, a full-grown giraffe consumes over 45 kg (100 lb) of leaves and twigs a day. Learn more giraffe facts at Animal Fact Guide!

8 of the most interesting paint facts for kids cute baby giraffe

What are the tallest animal on the world? It's the giraffe. Know the length of their neck and legs and more fun giraffe facts for kids in this science article:


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Clothes Pin Giraffe. This is an easy craft for kids! You just need some paint (or markers), wooden clothes pins tape and a little imagination! Once the kids get their giraffes made, then you can talk about giraffe facts or just take a wild adventure in your safari!