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Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - Broken lines

A giraffe's tongue is long! The 21-inch (53-centimeter) tongue helps them pluck tasty morsels from branches. Giraffes eat most of the time and like cows regurgitate food and chew it as cud. A giraffe eats hundreds of pounds of leaves each week and must travel miles to find enough food.

Giraffe tongues can be as long as half a meter and they are slightly bluish purple with bristly hairs for eating around acacia thorns...or grabbing carrots! Click through to "Dark Roasted Blend: Suddenly... Giraffe! (Funny Pics)" for some fascinating giraffe information and lots more photos.

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Lincoln Park Zoo

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Giraffe Tongues Photo and caption by Samantha Zellmer This picture was taken at Miami Metro Zoo (FL) at the giraffe feeding station.