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Girl In Water

Galatea was a sea nymph who loved Acis, but was loved by the giant Polyphemus. Polyphemus was jealous of Galatea's love for Acis, so he killed him with a boulder. Distraught, Galatea then turned his blood into the river Acis. The Acis River flowed past Akion (Acium) near Mount Etna in Sicily.


"Stay there! Keep it up! I'll come back!" All these thoughts went through her mind, and she rose like the sun.


30 Mind-Blowing Reflection Photography examples and Tips for beginners

reflectionTO ALL ART LOVERS - PLEASE SPREAD MY STATEMENT: (shortnened) Dear Pinterest team, If you think, that that some of them go against your policies please remove it - but: I hereby ask you NOT REMOVE my pins which dont break your policies. I hereby ask you NOT REMOVE pins from secret boards. I consider removal of pins, which are not in contrary to the Pinterest policies as a breach of my personal rights. I hope you will find better way to save Pinterest from unappropriate content...


Allow the subtle things to be glorious. Flip fear into courage. Sweetly anticipate nothing in particular. Be rocked and riveted by the ordinary. Think poetically. Look for the beauty. Create magic. Be love. - Victoria Erickson