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14 Powerful Quotes Every Woman Must Read About Loving and Accepting Herself


Relationships Are About Give and Give

Relationships are about give and give, not take and take. You will know you are with the right person when they give as much as you do.


Amen and Amen! Words to Live by ... Life is full of give and take. give thanks and take nothing for granted.

INFJ || always a struggle for an empath; however, once a person just takes, and takes, and takes and chooses not to give...your part in my story will come to a close.


When you tell an adult that you're sad bc nobody cares and they respond with, "well that's life" instead of giving critical advice and actually understanding what I mean. mean. When you're sad bc people in your life don't put neither the time nor effort to take an active role in your life and actually checking up on you when you're down in the matter that you feel is relevant to their role in your life.


You gotta give it to Trump..he convinced a Bunch Hateful Morons they alone own this country and he's here to help them "Take It Back." Back from Who? From What? The Black President, The Immigrants? The Government (filled with Rotten Bastards they elected)? Truth is Our Country doesn't belong to just White People!! It belongs to ALL AMERICANS NO MATTER RACE, COLOR OR CREED!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!