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"If there's one thing I learned from my father. It's to never give up, even when the odds are stacked against you. So...if you're as strong as you say you are--then bring it on!" #SonGokuKakarot Drawn by: Young Jijii


Most fans consider Gendry to be Arya’s perfect match. I don’t really think that. Gendry was not as useful or decisive in Arya’s storyline. I consider Jaqen to be better. He was Arya’s decisive point, he was the only one who made her feel strong and safe and brave again when she was about to give up. He may have been a dark influence, but he was Arya’s savior. Jaqen and Jon are the only ones keeping Arya afloat.

from Alyssa Birchfield

8 Best Photo Editing Apps To Up Your Instagram Game

At its core, Instagram was founded on the concept that people love visuals. After all, what's more powerful than giving your audience a window into your life and brand? Because visuals are so important, creating images that accurately reflect your brand should be your priority. So, what are the best tools that can help you up your Instagram game?