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Give Up Synonym

Put it on the paper and it gives you a definition of whatever word you put it on, pronounces it to you, then gives you synonyms.


Synonyms Activity with photo albums - what a great idea, I wonder what other activities I can use photo albums for?


Synonym activity- I had my students give me a list of synonyms. They just love to be involved! Students match up the top and bottom words to make a pair of synonyms.


Grammar Practice - Jumbo Pack - Print and Go

This is too good to pass up! Pin for later!! If you need NO PREP grammar practice worksheets for your students, this is for you. 22 Common Core Standards are addressed for 1st-3rd grades. These are fun worksheets that will give you a true picture of mastery. Some of the standards included are comas, plurals, the w's, past and present tense, suffixes, compound words, punctuation, subjects and predicates, parts of speech, and synonyms.


Malaysia Fashion Kick Started a Trend Of Shopping Online fashion Malaysia is one of the fast growing countries that are developing in almost all the sectors like technology, medicine, information technology, science and fashion. This country has shown a splendid growth in all these sectors that has stunned the other spectator countries and more over, left them amazed on how fashion has squeezed in to become the most important element of their lifestyle. Malaysia fashion has now become…

Synonym Flowers! This is a great idea...give each student a paint chip with a word and have them come up with the synonyms!


Trauma Seeking Feedback Loop 6 Synonyms: Resolution Block Feedback Loop. This is why therapy helps. We get to share our emotions in a safe contained space with someone we can get to trust and don't have to let them caged or bottled up. It gives us a safe outlet to talk about our pain, despair, stressors, etc. even when we are not ready to take action


Should Richard Give Up Twitter and Retreat to His Ivory Tower? (Interesting article on Dr. Dawkins' controversial tweet history) **No f'king way! image is of my new T shirt from the RDF shop**