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Give Up Synonym

Trauma Seeking Feedback Loop 6 Synonyms: Resolution Block Feedback Loop. This is why therapy helps. We get to share our emotions in a safe contained space with someone we can get to trust and don't have to let them caged or bottled up. It gives us a safe outlet to talk about our pain, despair, stressors, etc. even when we are not ready to take action

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Having A Ball With Vocabulary - DIY Style

Write vocab words on the ball, as students toss the ball to each other around the room, whatever word their right thumb lands on (or closest to) is the word they must explain, define, or use in a sentence.

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How to Create Catchy Headlines

Creating Catchy Headlines (including 6 blog title templates to get the wheels turning) - Elle & Company


Put it on the paper and it gives you a definition of whatever word you put it on, pronounces it to you, then gives you synonyms. Helpful especially for a student!


"Think positvely exercise daily eat healthy work hard stay strong worry less dance more love often be happy" "Piense positivo ejercicio a diario comer sano trabajar duro mantenerse fuerte preocuparse menos bailar más ama a menudo se feliz"


I like this activity because it gives students a different way to remember their spelling words during a test. It also teaches them what parts of speech are called and makes them use their resources.


Could use this idea to create a colour wheel...pick out the needed paint chips...the kids would have a visual of the various shades of a colour as well as the primary and secondary colours

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Critical Thinking -- HALLOWEEN HINK PINKS, et al

Critical Thinking -- HALLOWEEN HINK PINKS, et al.Use Halloween Hink Pinks, Hinky Pinkies, and Hinkity Pinkities to give your class the opportunity to work on vocabulary, parts of speech, synonyms, rimes, making inferences and interpreting data. It's about time, teachers, to scare up some fun, Halloween learning!


Fried Word Wall! Part of my interactive word wall for my 7th grade Language Arts class. They LOVE it. The bottom "I'm Lovin' It" container is for them to come up with any to add to the wall. (Adapted from: