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30 Famous Quotes You Must Know

Teddycan is always thinking of new ways to give back to our beloved users. We give back as much as we can through our health programs, affordable tutoring, cash back system, and option to donate money to other charities. Find out more about our nonprofit at #Teddycan


I have traveled a very long, hard road to my present place of healing. I am still often amazed that I have survived both my abuse and myself and am now in a position to give back. My mission is to let those struggling with abuse/mental health issues know that you can climb out of the deepest, darkest corners of hell. There is still a life worth living inside you.


It's better to give than receive, if you need something... give to others. God had a way of giving more back to you. - Steven Valentine


This. Is. Me. I want to make a difference and change the world more than anything. I am part of such a wonderful team. We stand for giving back to the community. Making each life better one at a time. This year we are able to do Scholarships. I love making a difference in peoples life. It's not a job. I do it because I love it. And I learned from the most gracious godly woman I will ever know.


Give with a grateful heart. Is it really "giving" if you grudgingly let go of your money? And, if God blesses us abundantly, shouldn't we be called to serve and give back to him? Food for thought.

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I had to learn to not let people take so much of me that they left me empty. But I cared so much that I couldn't see it. I had to learn the hard way when I finally realized a close friend was using me for her own gain and giving nothing back. Give, care, but dont let others take you for granted or use you. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first for our own physical and mental health.

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