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22 Benefits of Homebirth - After giving birth at home twice, these are a few of the many things I loved about having a home birth. If you're making choices about your upcoming birth experience, I hope these will be a helpful resource!


Lou: I'm talking about ur pregnancy! Amy: Oh don't turn this around on me! Lou: U are not the least bit prepared! Amy: No, Lou, stop! Lou: Do u even have a birth plan? Amy: I was thinking maybe I'd give birth at home. Lou: U can't give birth in a barn! Are u crazy?! Amy: I'm the one having the baby, this decision is mine 7 Ty's! Lou: That requires u to actually make a decision though. Amy: Maybe I haven't made enough decisions, but neither have u! (10x07)

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6 Surprising Stats that will Change the Way You Give Birth

22 Benefits of Homebirth - These are a few of the many things I loved about having a home birth.

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How I'm Preparing for My Home Birth

How I’m Preparing for My Home Birth - by Erika Christensen - To prepare myself for giving birth naturally, I’ve been learning about the Bradley Method, which is conducive to a quiet birth because it’s about relaxing and not tensing up. It advises visualizing contractions as a wave that you ride and when it peaks you float up over it and then you go down the other side. I think this will put me in the right frame of mind philosophically, which is respecting and contributing to what your bod

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Room Tour @Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine

My name is Tarina. I am an interior design consultant and photographer. My husband Shaun, my 8-month-old baby boy Chet and I live in Perth, Western Australia. After giving birth to Chet and finding myself in a new stay at home mum role, I started to miss my interiors job. Not to say I didn’t love being a mummy to this amazing little mister and tending to his every need, I was, but something inside of me craved for a creative element in my life again. I discovered instagram 5 months…

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How to Decide Whether to have a Homebirth