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RESERVED FOR KERRY Hobnail Milk Glass Collection

White Hobnail Milk Glass Collection. Hobnail glassware gets its name from the studs, or round projections, on the surface of the glass. These studs were thought to resemble the impressions made by hobnails, a type of large-headed nail used in bootmaking. Fenton Art Glass introduced Hobnail Glass in translucent colors in 1939 & Milk Glass Hobnail in 1950


Creamer. Westmoreland Milk Glass Creamer. Small Pitcher with Ribbed Patterm and Scalloped Lace Rim. Milk Glass Collectible Item

Westmoreland Milk Glass Creamer. Ribbed Patterm, Scalloped Lace Rim. Milk Glass Collectible Item. 4 tall 4.5 in diameter 5.5 wide with