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[Weekly Wanderings] Sarah Oppenheimer 3D Art

Sarah Oppenheimer is challenging the distinction between art and architecture with a unique collection of windows and wall openings. Using wall incisions and glass as her mediums, Oppenheimer blurs the line between room and painting. From 2012 to present,

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Torremadariaga Basque Biodiversity Centre / IA+B Arkitektura Taldea

glass elevator at the torremadariaga basque biodiversity centre, busturia spain. ALISON IMAGINE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FULL OF REAL AND FAIX KEGS

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A nice example of a layerdness given to a space by material. The opaque glassing filters the light.

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Gallery of Three Parts House / Architects EAT - 31

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Thousands of layers of glass laminated together into solid walls - Laminata house by Kruunenberg Van der Erve Architecten

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Gallery of Connemara / Peter Legge Associates - 10

||•Connemara / Peter Legge Associates Connemara in Co Galway, Ireland has many wonderful examples of the juxtapostion of old with new, or like this with a respect for the tradtional venacular with use of the natural local stone in a studding contemporary house which sits well in the countrysde. R McN

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Looming Large: innovation in new textile design

So transparent: Nya Nordiska's innovative 'Tex Glass' range consists of specially selected fabrics laminated on both sides with ultra-clear diamond glass

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