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Kitchen Design Idea - 5 Unconventional Materials You Can Use For A Countertop // Recycled Glass -- Old glass materials, like bottles, windows, and beakers are crushed into tiny pieces and are either embedded into concrete or are held together with the help of a binding agent.


Show your love with this fused glass cross! The dramatic visuals are created as light plays through the varying glass materials, which are fused together in a high-temperature, ceramic kiln. The center ornaments are made of dichroic glass containing metal oxides, the top layer is iridescent glass for the chameleon effect, and the main body is translucent glass with a different colored edge. As seen in the additional image above, the cross is especially stunning in direct light, so be sure…


The ‘glass’ material that could potentially double your phone’s battery life | Vanadate-Borate Glass material could double lithium-ion batteries' life, with its intrinsic stability and higher charging capacity.


Hannah Gason Brooch: Untitled, 2016 Glass, mixed materials © By the author. Read Copyright.

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Tiny Stylish Apartment Featuring a Bedroom with Glass Doors

A small yet gorgeous apartment that intelligently used glass materials to make it appear visually large.


Blank Microscope Slide 100 Clear Square Cover Glass CB 72 Optical Glass Material

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Faux Leaded Glass Window

faux leaded glass window, windows, 3 Then I grabbed my faux stain glass Gallery Glass materials which included self adhesive leading strips liquid leading and crystal clear color

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TARDIS cookie Jar

TARDIS themed cookie jar, created from faux stained glass materials upon a sturdy glass jar. It is topped with a resin cast of the TARDIS's lamp light, which was then hand-painted and sealed for a lasting finish.