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Glass Shrimp


Margarita Shot Glass Shrimp

Margarita Shot-Glass Shrimp

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11 intriguing transparent animals

Ghost Shrimp <--- I know this one's real because I've seen them in person before.

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How to Take Care of Ghost Shrimp

Take Care of Ghost Shrimp - hiding places, like plants or hollowed-out shells - female with eggs: move her to a separate tank with a simple sponge filter. Any other sort of filter will filter out all of the micro-plankton that the larvae will need to survive. move back once the larvae are starting to look like small shrimp - a dimly lit room will encourage them to come out more. - Betta fish work really well - will be more visible if the bottom of the tank is filled with darker material.


Pictures of the day: 18 January 2010

'A shrimp guards her eggs in this close-up underwater photograph. But the bright colours of the peacock mantis mask a fearsome defence - a punch that feels like being shot by a .22 calibre pistol, and has been known to crack glass in aquariums.'

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EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

The EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem is a complete ecosystem with sea water, algae, bacteria and live marine shrimp, all enclosed in a sealed glass sphere. All you need to do is to place the EcoSphere in sunlight. Unlike an aquarium, you do not need to feed the shrimp or change the water. The ecosystem is self contained and self sustaining.