Take Care of Ghost Shrimp - hiding places, like plants or hollowed-out shells - female with eggs: move her to a separate tank with a simple sponge filter. Any other sort of filter will filter out all of the micro-plankton that the larvae will need to survive. move back once the larvae are starting to look like small shrimp - a dimly lit room will encourage them to come out more. - Betta fish work really well - will be more visible if the bottom of the tank is filled with darker material.

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Summer Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Served in a Large Glass... (Shrimp-Avacardo-Orange Juice-onion-cucumber-Tomato sauce)..Summer Starter..

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Ghost Shrimp <--- I know this one's real because I've seen them in person before.

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail!!! this is by far the most AMAZING thing ive ever had to eat!!!

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