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Somerset: Glastonbury Tor, topped with the 15th century St Michael's Tower. Mythical final resting place of King Arthur, home of Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies ... has had significance since neolithic times and *is* a magical place to visit.


Brrritain braces for the Big Chill: Up to 8 inches of snow set to fall

A so-called wolf moon rises over Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset, yesterday. In some parts of the world, the January full moon is nicknamed the wolf moon, which dates back to the days when Native American tribes gave names to each month's full moon to help keep track of the seasons


Glastonbury Tor is a hill at Glastonbury in the English county of Somerset, topped by the roofless St Michael's Tower which is a Grade I listed building. The whole site is managed by the National Trust and has been designated as a Scheduled monument. Artifacts from human visitation have been found dating from the Iron Age to Roman eras. The Tor is mentioned in Celtic mythology, particularly in myths linked to King Arthur.


Aloes or Olives of Beef or Veal. During the reign of the Tudors, the English used mutton. Bite size powerhouses of sweet/sour flavor. Aloe is a corruption of the Old French for Lark (alouette) which this dish is supposed to resemble.This dish appears in the Middle Ages and consists of meat slices wrapped around a herb stuffing and baked. Stuffing consists of dates, raisins, saffron and herbs & a sauce you may want to drink.


Dating from 165 BCE the late Iron Age Glastonbury Lake Village in the Brue Valley recreated by Marcus Abbott

Tarr Steps

An ancient clapper bridge at Tarr Steps, Exmoor, Somerset, England which possibly dates to around 1000 BC


The Shamrock Legend (dating to 1726, according to the OED) also credits St. Patrick with teaching the Irish about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by showing people the shamrock, a three-leafed plant, using it to illustrate the Christian teaching of three persons in one God.[65] For this reason, shamrocks are a central symbol for St Patrick’s Day.