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Musings Of A Motorcycle Aficionado........: Glenn Curtiss made his own Aircooled V8 and tested it at Ormond Beach (near Daytona) by setting an all out world speed record. For all vehicles !! Fastest thing ever created up to that time !


The motorcycle land speed record was first set unofficially by Glenn Curtiss in 1903, at 64 mph with a 1000 cc Curtiss Hercules V-twin. In 1907, he set a new unofficial record that stood for over 20 years, of 136.27 mph with a 4000 cc Curtiss motorcycle.


1907 Curtiss motorcycle. Glenn Curtiss built his own V8. Put it in a motorcycle he built. Set the All Out World Speed Record on it, himself ! Then put his motor in a plane he built and flew it. My personal hero.


One of the important fathers of aviation, Glenn Curtiss, flying his 1908 "June Bug". For the aviation enthusiast, come visit the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY.


On this day, June 16, in 1909: . Glenn Curtiss sold the very first airplane in the United States. The Aeronautic Society of New York bought his Golden Flyer for $5,000. Curtiss himself flew it for the press from Morris Park in the Bronx. . *Glenn Curtiss is pictured 2nd. from right.