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The Strangest Exoplanet Ever To read the full article, see:

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Gliese 436 b // Click through to read about this planet. It has hot ice. Space is so fracking cool.

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Gliese 436 b ,The Strangest Exoplanet Ever -The Neptune-sized planet orbits a cooler, less luminous red-dwarf star (dubbed Gliese 436), completing one full orbit in just 2 days and 15.5 hours. - Credit: Dr. Jason Wright

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Nombre: Gliese 436 b, o GJ 436 b Estrella/Constelación: Gliese 436 o GJ 436/Leo Distancia de la Tierra: 33 años luz Masa del exoplaneta: 22 Tierras (0.07 veces Júpiter) Distancia de su estrella anfitriona: .029 UA Año descubierto: 2004

GJ436interior - Possible interior structure of Gliese 436 b - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PIA19345-HeliumAtmosphereFormation-20150611 - Gliese 436 b - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia