Glitter socks add a touch of unexpected glamour.

Sparkle Motion! Dress Up Your Boots With These Glittery Socks and Tights

These glittery socks and tights will make your favorite loafers and black boots feel brand-new.

DIY Saint Laurent Glitter Boots - How to Make Glittery Shoes - Marie Claire

How to DIY Saint Laurent's Glitter Boots

sparkle boots.  yeeeeeees

Go gaga on the dance floor in these swanky boots! These chunky-heel beauties add pizzazz to any outfit, and when the dj plays a lady's favorite tune, this pair is ready to groove.

Urban Outfitters - Blog - UO DIY: NYE Party Boots

Influence(s) on Ms.Deva Costume: - boots type - glitter effect that is on part of the boots for the costume

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ASOS is killing it with stylish block heel booties. Stylish shoes for a modest price, + bold personalities.