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Learn About the History of the GPS

Past/Present/Future - "GPS or the Global Positioning System was invented by the U.S. D.O.D" (Bellis, M.)


Next-gen GPS ready for testing

From Wikiwand: A visual example of a 24 satellite GPS constellation in motion with the earth rotating. Notice how the number of satellites in view from a given point on the earth& surface, in this example at changes with time.


Global Positioning System Overview - Providing an overview of Global Positioning System GPS. The official documents of GPS have a lot of details and they are difficult to digest. This website is user friendly and it provides a basic explanation on the design philosophy of GPS coupled with a lot of important parameters. More importantly, examples and pictorial illustrations are used such that readers can easily understand and grasp all the essential elements of GPS. Martin, EIE

The Global Positioning System and ArcGIS (3rd Edition)

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System or GPS was originally designed for positioning and navigation in the military area.


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