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The One Picture That Perfectly Sums Up World Action On Climate Change

The world on Climate Change. So very true! The biggest percentage of our population has a fixation on having everything NOW, flash the plastic, cater for the immediate, tomorrow's another day worry(maybe) about it then, etc. If anything outdated or"breaks" don't bother fixing it, buy another, out with the plastic again - everything is expendable (even relationships! ) - "Houston" do we have a problem!


Graphic design tutor Patrick Thomas's 'Protest Stencil Toolkit' (2011). The book contains 46 die-cut stencils and a stencil typeface that can be used to create slogans and visual messages of protest. Offering symbols from the great protest movements of the twentieth century through to new images which reflect contemporary concerns such as global warming and the environment, and globalization and the economy, the book is a comprehensive visual compendium of the aesthetics of protest'.

The ice of the Arctic is melting due to global warming. It is very difficult for polar bears to find ice floes and the Earth's natural environment has become increasingly endangered. This design is based on the idea of a warning, in the form of an exclamation mark shaped like a polar bear looking for an ice floe. This is supported by the slogan "Where next?", alluding to the question where the next ice floe will be for the polar bear. But there is also a deeper meaning: "Who will be the next…