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What Molecular and Empirical Formula Are and How To Find Them

This step by step tutorial shows how to calculate the empirical and molecular formulas for a compound. Empirical formula is the simplest whole number ratio while molecular formula is the actual whole number ratio between the elements.

Blood glucose level (finger prick blood glucose) tests our levels are at that very point in time. The second is the HbA1c reading (good idea of our average control over a period of 2 to 3 months). The target blood glucose levels vary a little bit depending on your type of diabetes and between adults and children. Try to achieve levels of between 4 and 7 mmol/L before meals and under 8.5 mmol/L after meals The target level for HbA1c is under 48 mmol/mol (or 6.5% in the old units).

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Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels

"Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels" According to Google, the sensor can take about one reading per second, and it is working on adding tiny LED lights to the lens to warn users when their glucose levels cross certain thresholds. The sensors are so small that they ”look like bits of glitter.” @TechCrunch

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The Recommended Blood Glucose Levels for Diabetes

Depending on where you look, recommended blood glucose levels can vary for people with diabetes. Here are some general guidelines, but ask your healthcare provider which goals are best for you.

When diagnosed with diabetes, your healthcare provider will have you begin checking your blood glucose levels at home with a glucose meter. This allows you to see what a normal glucose level is—and how your blood glucose level changes with medication, food, and exercise.

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What Causes High Morning Blood Glucose Levels?

High morning blood glucose levels can happen for a couple reasons: the dawn phenomenon and the Somogyi effect. Here's how to deal with it.

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How to Lower Glucose Levels to Help Lose Weight Quickly

The normal blood glucose level is mg/dL before meals, and up to 120 mg/dL after you eat. Understand that you can prevent and, in most cases, reverse type 2 diabetes with these simple changes. More info here: