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Cannabidiol could have rapid-acting antidepressant-like effects

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Exciting & Calming Your Brain: GABA & Glutamate in Fibromyalgia/ME/CFS

Glutamate can become what's called an "exitotoxin," meaning that it appears to excite neurons until they die, In FMS, research shows abnormally high levels of glutamate in a part of the brain called the insula or insular cortex. Researchers went looking there because that area is highly involved in pain and emotion, which are key components of the condition. In ME/CFS, some researchers hypothesize that glutamate function is low, which means the brain isn't getting enough stimulatio

Very true...I use to get muscle spasms and insomnia whenever I drank 7-up.

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Exercise during adolescence linked to lowered risk of death later

Exercise during adolescence linked to lowered risk of death later -

Addictions can be substance-related (alcohol, opioids, tobacco) or behavioural (gambling, kleptomania, eating disorders), and when seen in clinic are often a secondary complaint. Addictions can be characterised as an inability to limit the use of a substance or activity, having cravings for these things, an increased tolerance to the abused substance, feelings of withdrawal when attempting to stop, and the substance or activity impairing work and or social responsibility. All of this often…

Activation of glutamate receptors, gives insights into the thinking

Depressed females have over-active glutamate receptor gene.


Excitotoxins, MSG, and the Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret


Structural States of a Brain Receptor Revealed - - Structure of the glutamate receptor, showing the part where glutamate binds outside the cell and the part that spans the cell membrane (between the dotted lines). Image Credit Subramaniam et al, courtesy of Nature. #neuroscience #science #biology #neurology


This illustration shows a synapse. When an action potential arrives at a synapse, the positive charge causes the opening of voltage gated calcium channels. Calcium pours into the synaptic button and binds to several proteins, changing their shape. The activated proteins dynamically rearrange the blue cytoskeleton to transport green vesicles filled with yellow neurotransmitters to the synaptic cleft, which is filled with red adhesion proteins. Calcium-activated SNARE proteins bind to both…