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Draw me a song

"Draw Me A Song" Project. Here's a song by Cee-Lo. Really cool stuff. Check out his other song posters too.


Here is the video that got over 2.7 million views on my old account. Enjoy and share! Follow me on Twitter! Thanks to carann5 for helping me out with this video. This was the first video I ever made on a computer and she was the one who taught me how to make videos and helped me on this one. Check her o...


La canción "Crazy" de Gnarls Barkley la conocí oyéndola constantemente en una estación de radio de Dallas, Texas. Apenas supe que fue nominada a 5 grammys, pero eso me vale. Lo que me importa es que me llega mucho, me hace vibrar bastante. La canto cada vez que la oigo. Love it. Period.


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy -YouTube "And I hope that you are havin’ the time of your life / But think twice, that’s my only advice" 21/25