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16. Ubuntu GNOME Desktop - Once Ubuntu GNOME has completed loading we will see our new clean Ubuntu GNOME desktop. We now need to download and install any updates, but we will first look around this new desktop.

Chapeau is a high-performance, cutting-edge operating system built from the GNU/Linux distribution Fedora Workstation with the GNOME desktop environment. In comparison to Fedora, Chapeau adopts a more relaxed approach to software licences and is intended to be just as useful for advanced users as it is easy for those new to using a Linux system. There is built-in access to third-party software and sources repositories not included in Fedora such as RPMFusion, DropBox, Steam, Adobe Flash and…

19. Ubuntu GNOME Desktop - Calendar - When we click on the Day and Time at the top of the screen, a screen will open showing our calendar and related options like "Date and Time Settings".

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Fedora 18 beta (almost) brings MATE alternative to GNOME desktop

Fedora 18 beta (almost) brings MATE alternative to GNOME desktop | Ars Technica

You've paid good money for a high-resolution display. Here's how to enjoy it with Linux's GNOME desktop.