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outhouse - This is tiny. Just the right size for a fairy garden. LOL! I mean, Fairies have to use a 'powder room' once in a while too, don't they? :-)


Tomte or Nisse are Gnomes that take care of the farm and home. At Christmas you MUST leave a bowl of steaming hot rice porridge for them or they will play harmless tricks on you like letting the animals out or switching the salt and sugar. God Jul means Merry Christmas in Norwegian.


Dreamer's gonna dream, gnome mean? ( See what I did there? !) Dream catcher canvas painting by StarrJoy16. Available on etsy. / shop / starrjoy16

this is what it means to have a tree house so if some one shows you a house of wood sitting inside the trees branches and they say this is a tree house IT'S A LIE!!!