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ABOUT RUFUS Rufus is an awesome dog! He is a senior guy of 7 or 8. He enjoys walks, lots of belly rubs, and is just a gentle lab mix. Sadly, due to retina disease , he is blind. As with most dogs, this is just how it is - not a disability. He loves hanging out with other gentle dogs. He likes to just wander around the yard and enjoy the outdoors. He does enjoy digging a hole to lay and relax. Rufus is easy going and looking for a calm wonderful home with a soft bed that will give him lots…


YALE - A1096531 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/27/16 A volunteer writes: When I first met Yale, I liked him a lot. He had all the makings of a great family dog-He walks nicely on the leash, seems housetrained and sits on command. He has such a distinguished face-a little bit of white that lets you know he’s had a couple years under his belt and is more of the calm, easy going nature. But it wasn’t until our second encounter that I got to see him r


I think the pumpkin dog is going to make a big change in things c:

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We'll show you how to potty train a dog or puppy to easily ring a bell when they need to go out. We've also got a great tutorial on how to make the bell!


Dog Does the Cutest Thing to Show He Doesn’t Like His Treat (Video) When dogs don’t like a thing will they let you know? When it is about foods, several dogs can be somewhat selective. There is no way they are going to consume something they don’t want. We have learnt that the hard way when this particular dog is offered a food treat. He didn’t anticipate a piece of shrimp from his owner and he has the finest response. His refusal of this treat is the most charming thing ever. S..


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Dog Gets the Cutest Look When He Realizes He’s Going To Get Second Treat (Video) If only dogs could talk, they would let you know that treat time is the greatest time. It’s all that you would ever wish for as a dog! Attention from their humans, delicious food, complimentary faces from viewers. What else could you probably need? Well, additional food treat would do however most pooches know they couldn’t abuse their humans’ kindness in such deceitful ways. Special Article: T..


VIOLET - A1096502 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/27/16 A volunteer writes: Violet is not a fan of her kennel…If she could, she would leash herself and go for a walk… Cropped ears have not taken away Violet’s girly looks…She looks absolutely delicious and petite in her little grey dress. We are quickly in the street as Violet has to attend to business. She pulls a little on the leash and toward other dogs, big and small. In playgroups


11/20/16- 8 dogs have until Wed., Nov 23 to get OUT of the shelter. PLEASE share!!!! 8 more to go! *URGENT! They have until November 23rd to be adopted/rescued to avoid being euthanized. Their adoption fee is $5.00.* If your unable to adopt, please share their post in hopes someone can save them. 281-342-1512 1210 Blume Rd, Rosenberg TX