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Jareth the Goblin King

Jareth the Goblin King by meeepmooop on Polyvore featuring Diego Reiga, Sergio Rossi, Maison Margiela, Christian Dior, Urban Decay, NARS Cosmetics, Alexander McQueen, Illamasqua and Masquerade


"What do you mean you're out of treats?" Hamlet, the French Bulldog, @heyhamlet on instagram #cutepetclub [source: ]


Knockers (also known as Knackers and Tommyknockers) are Goblins who inhabit the Cornish tin mines. Depending on which miner you asked, where the sound of their knocking is heard you will find a rich vein of ore, while other miners say the knocking sounds are to warn the miners of an impending cave in.

14 Untranslatable Words Explained By Charming Illustrations (By Marija Tiurina)
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14 Untranslatable Words Explained By Charming Illustrations (By Marija Tiurina)

It makes me so sad these day to hear the way people talk. Language connects us to the people we never, the people we will never know and the people long since gone. A language is something that unites us. Even if one person is speaking Spanish and the other German they are still speaking the same. I always think of language as something that connects to the people we were when the first civilisation came about. But people don't understand this. They don't see that Language it's self beautiful.


Prompt -- the monsters crawling across the ceiling would be invisible to our classmates, but that didn't mean their claws were any less sharp