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Positive thoughts can not only make you more successful but change your outlook on life. Not everyday will be perfect and no one expects you to always be happy, but just changing this will impact so much in life



WEARY WARRIOR I know this journey has not been easy for you. I know it has left you drained, and feeling overwhelmed. I know you don't just "think" it has been hard; “it has been hard.” You feel as though the trial you are going through will last forever. Trust in Me, it will not. Hold on, it is going to end. Your beliefs and your faith were tried in the fire. It seems as though as soon as you get up on your feet, you’re knocked down again. You believed; then you doubted, and then worked…


#Contest these friends are going to be so close that they will just need one another and God to feel peace. Here beginning this night under the silvery moon.

Its not asking "God help me understand your plans" its asking "God let me accept your will whether I personally understand it or not"