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Wishing I got pretty mail like this instead of constant e-mails. Screw efficiency, I want the romance and sincerity of a written letter… which is why I’m giddy every time I get a Christmas card in the mail.


Denmark 1976. Skuldelev Viking Ship. The stamp is No. 1 in a set of four issued for celebrating the bicentenary of the American Declaration on Independence.


USPS - 1996 - James Dean - Single Stamp 2nd in Legends of Hollywood Series - Issued on June 24, 1996, by the U.S. postal Service, this attractive mint stamp features James Dean, the intense and restless young actor who came to symbolize the frustration and rebelliousness among America's youth. Dean (1931-1955) had a large impact in three films- "East of Eaden," "Rebel Without a Cause," and "Giant"- before his untimely death in a car crash at the age of 24.