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Gold Salopettes

Wow, typical whites. They want everything. Obviously she was up to the job of being MISS AMERICA!!!!!!!!. Congratulations my beautiful Black/Nigerian/hatian/dominican/brazillian queen. It shouldn't matter what she is or how she looks overall. But if shes a complete package.


Integral Coffin Handled Dagger by Mike Quesenberry MS website: 300 layer damascus from 1080 and 15n20. 24 karat gold inlay on bolster. Gold plated German silver liners. Fossilized exhibition grade walrus left proud. 18 karat gold domed pins. Tip and throat sheath with damascus frog button. Blade length 10 5/8” Overall length 15 5/8” #calebroyerphotography #knife #knifemaking #knives #customknives #handmadeknives #knifecommunity #handmade #knifeart #knifepi


A Fabergé jeweled platinum elephant pendant, workmaster Henrik Wigström, St Petersburg, 1908-1917, set overall with rose-cut diamonds, circular-cut emerald-set eyes, gold loop.


Integral S Guard Fighter by Mike Quesenberry