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Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson: Hudson: "We stood in front of the mirror one time and we were both smiling. We just caught that little moment when we looked alike."

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Divorced couple Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson are parents to actors Kate and Oliver Hudson. Goldie Hawn's longterm partner is actor Kurt Russell. Bill Hudson later married/divorced actress Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley).

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And then the Kurt Russel sayeth: "let my lip bear forth the greatest 'tache ever seen, and from mine crown shall emerge a mane to match this mustache, and henceforth one shall grow in tandem with the other, ascending to heights of beauty and virility which humankind has never known. And so it shall be forever more, and ever more. Or until I shave.

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Deceived (1991) Adrienne Saunders's idyllic life comes crashing down on her when her husband is killed -- an incident that suddenly uncovers his actual identity and a series of mysteries about his true personality. Goldie Hawn, John Heard, Damon Redfern...TS suspense

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