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In this video we’ll cover the downhill lie in golf. Similar to a ball below feet lie, the downhill lie is one that most amateur golfers struggle with. It’s easy to hit the ball thin or fat and the down slope de-lofts the club flying the ball lower and often further than normal.


Unfortunately, we all find ourselves in deep rough on the golf course from time to time. And while it’s true that better players hit fewer wayward shots, they also usually make better decisions when they do have to play from a tough position. Obviously it’s best not to be in the rough in the first place… and it’s nearly always a vicious slice or hook that puts you there. So if you struggle to keep the ball straight, take some time to follow the lessons in the fault fixing section of this s


If you can sink everything from 3 feet and in, you’ll really see your scores on the golf course drop. Here’s a drill to help you with that


Let’s take a look at how to play the golf ball from an uphill lie… Most golfers find it easier to strike the ball cleanly from an uphill lie compared to a downhill lie or a hanging lie. In fact, a lot of golfers that normally struggle getting the ball into the air actually prefer a slightly uphill lie. This type of slope will affect the flight of the ball, generally sending it higher with less distance. There’s also a risk of hitting the shot fat if you don’t adjust your set up.


Are you a newbie wondering how to swing a golf club? These guys make it pretty easy to understand.


In this video, we’ll look at making each and every shot count during a practice session. If you do that on a consistent basis, you’ll need a lot less practice than you think to reach the standard of golf you’re aiming for.


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