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I love you Rachel. Our paths will cross again, I know it. Goodbye my love. We would have been so happy together. Maybe one day we can have the family together that we talked about so much. It's so hard to say goodbye when all you want to say is be mine forever. I love you.


Love and loss are two sicknesses for which we know no cure. You can find my collaborative book with @amandatorroni on our website. The link is in my bio! All orders come with some free goodies from myself. Have a beautiful weekend everyone! written by Tyler Kent White

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I have to tell you (on this grey, rainy night when I am home alone and the silence reigns), that I have spent more time on Pinterest in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years. Mostly …


There is nothing sadder than a song the fades out too soon, one whose melody is left unresolved. The volume suddenly dies and you strain to hear it for a bit longer but it’s gone, and you feel cheated out of the beautiful music that was coming.