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Gong Bath

The healing benefits of a Gong Bath

Why you should give Gong Bath or Gong Sound Mediation to keep you healthy and happy. In this blog find out how sound frequencies can help you for optimal health and deep meditation.

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Sound Therapy & The Role of Gongs

What happens when you get gonged? Why do you get gonged? Gongs have been making their way on scene for some time now. They are large, circular metal instruments, usually made of bronze with turned

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Touching the Sound in Joshua Tree

Touching the Sound in Joshua Tree: Rejuvenate at The Integratron, the only all-wood, acoustically perfect sound chamber in the USA. Built in 1978 on a "magnetic vortex", a sonic chamber within the Integratron provides the venue for "sound baths" that are said to rejuvenate recipients. The Integratron is a place for meditating, playing music, & sound bathing with quartz bowls in the Joshua Tree area, California USA.

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Gong meditation or gong bath is a simple technique of influencing the mind, body and soul that helps us raise our own awareness of ourselves.

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Upcoming Events | Full Moon Gong and Sound Bath Meditation 12th Jan | London Gong – Sound Bath and Gong Bath Meditation