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[POLL] Finding a GOOD Chinese Restaurant - 0000000Your HELP Requested! YAY or NAY? Vote in our POLL. The Chinese Quest, wants to make sure you only eat at the best Chinese restaurants. Please let us know if we should only put rated restaurants on the map, or display every Chinese Restaurant that we have written about. Click, read, and vote! 0000000 -

Let’s face it, finding good Chinese food can be challenging in the suburbs. Lately, I’ve had some of the worst food from local Chinese restaurants and have declared being done with them completely. I’m currently in search of a good quality Chinese restaurant in the city(suggestions welcomed!) that I would be more than happy to make the trip, if... Read More »

These days, if you’re outside of the SGV there’s no reason to complain about the lack of good Chinese food - you just have to know where to look. Here’s a guide to the top 10 Chinese restaurants outside the San Gabriel Valley.

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Slow Cookin’ Honey Sesame Chicken

You know me, addicted to Chinese! And since there isn’t really a GOOD Chinese restaurant where I live, I am forced to make my own Chinese cookbook. This recipe is different. I’m not muc…

Good Chinese food real Chinese food is amazing and you don't have to travel to China to experience it. Sydney boasts some of the world's best Chinese restaurants and the writer's Top 5 are reviewed here.

5 Great Ways to Find a Chinese Restaurant - 0000000Here are 5 great ways to find a Chinese restaurant. Of course, you don’t want any Chinese restaurant. You want to eat at a really good Chinese restaurant. Check out these five ways to find one! 0000000 -

Chinatown in Victoria, BC - With its origins in the mid-nineteenth century, the neighborhood retains much of its history and mystique. An integral part of the city, you don't want to miss out on the cultural richness that awaits you. Explore the shops filled with Chinese goods or dine at one of the authentic Chinese restaurants.