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Lol this happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! My father wanted to fix the my table and I told him to do it whenever he could because my book wasn't very intresting but I didn't have anything better to do so I just kept Reading and than the book startet to get interestning and that my father decided to Come and fix my table leaving me in agony because I wanted to read but couldn't because he needed my help


the fact that rape threats is even a thing is unfaltering proof that rape is a tool of violence and control that is overwhelmingly used against women. Men say something on the internet people don't like, he's called an asshole or a jerk and told he's horrible. woman say something people don't like, and people hurl rape threats at them. This. Is. A. Problem.


Narcissa people! she cared more about the safety of her family IN EVERY BOOK SHE IS FEATURED IN than any kind of war or cause! for her, the love for her family was the most important thing of ALL!!!


I don't remember this scene, so I don't know if she had a good reason for this... But, just wanted to quickly note that girls should NOT hit boys unless you have a really good reason. Seriously. Carry on.


{cr: @fandomtravellers } aw hey guys im so tired omfg but i cannot sleep on ze couch when tickets are selling out but you cant buy them at that moment oH nO pls woah the 90s were 20 years ago lol whut is this movie well probs last post for tonight hey who else watched the youtube fanfest? i watched the livestream on youtube goodnight/good morning (exactly midnight woah ok maybe a minute past it lol now two) p.s you are like rlly cool haha yay.


Best part we had for Harley was decorating gingerbread houses and then putting them on her Birthday cake. The girls had so much fun. Big sis had a good idea thank u Tana!!


Percy's love for Annabeth though; he turns down immortality for her and she turns down immortality for him! I'll be lucky to get someone who chooses me over pizza :/ #percabeth4ever


Awesome! :)


That's because for at least a small part of her childhood she was happy and had good parenting, Snape probably never received any care until Lily which is why he loved her


Shark Swims Up To Diver For a Cuddle Every Time She Sees Him

This shark swims up to her favorite diver every time she sees him.