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Good Girl Moonshine Recipe Roundup

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Oh my goodness this good girl moonshine tastes exactly like a liquid watermelon jolly rancher!!! Soooo good!! I used 2 Tbsp ACV 1Tbsp @the_ginger_people Ginger juice a @drinkbai Kula Watermelon antioxidant infusion and a Trulime Watermelon Aqua fresca packet. (I got the Bai and the ACV at my Wal Mart the Trulime at Publix and the ginger juice at my local health food store) Stir well. Add ice to the tippy top of the 1qt jar. It has 15 calories and 2 grams of sugar total but wow is it…

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Peach Good Girl Moonshine

Quick and easy to make Peach Good Girl Moonshine. It's a delightful and refreshing drink especially for summertime. THM All-Day Sipper. Sugar-free. Low-carb

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The Shrinker .... Where have you been all of my life!!!!! SOOOOO GOOD! Oolong tea, almond milk, cinnamon, cayenne, and vanilla.

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Good Girl Moonshine. Funny name, isn't it? If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama {or Man!} lifestyle, you know this is a favorite go-to drink. I was never a soda drinker, so this replaced my need for...

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Tastes GOOD! THM Good Girl Moonshine or just true lime - make it lime flavor with seltzer and a little salt tastes like a good girl margarita Sew Cool N' Crafty: True Citrus GGMS Recipe

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Hot Good Girl Moonshine (THM-Sipper)

Hot Good Girl Moonshine (THM-Sipper, GGMS)

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