Jokes for learning grammar and language rules. This would probably be good for to use with ESL students. ( It's all grouped by level and grammar. ) It draws attention to specific and necessary grammar within a whole-language context. Middle School and High School ages

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Gemütlichkeit is like the word cozy, but it goes a dozen step further. Snuggling under a blanket while you sit in a camping chair by the campfire is cozy. Gemütlichkeit is surrounding yourself with close friends, a bottle of beer, s’mores, and lots of happy stories and jokes while you snuggle in your blanket by the campfire. Gemütlichkeit is cozy, and it’s celebration. Gemütlichkeit is a word that describes the good life.

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I've already pinned this but I will pin it again bcuz it is just to damn funny

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Netiquette for Teaching English Online Teaching an online class has its difficulties not the least of which is reminding your students to be courteous and have good behavior when communicating through discussion boards. It is easy for them to forget that there is a human on the other side of that email. Many times people say something in written form that sounds good in their head but the reader does not hear the tone of the writer. Misunderstandings quickly get out of hand. Add another…

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High school musical. @Victoria Cousley @Sophie Brown @Rachel Savage @Sarah Henry @Richenda McPeake lol omw yes!!

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