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I am a big advocate of simplicity (because it is the ultimate sophistication, right?). Even more when it comes to small companies in the tech sector, who want to tell their customers a story of professionalism, reliability and problem-solving. "We have the solution clear in our mind!" - I hear them saying. Here is an example of how I tried to connect the dots between good logo design principles and branding colour psychology. Simplicity, versatility, memorability, appropriateness…

Good Logo Design Criterias - 5 Main Elements (Infographic)
from iBrandStudio

Good Logo Design Criterias - 5 Main Elements (Infographic)

If you're thinking of rebranding your business (or perhaps creating fresh branding for a new business venture), it's likely that your logo design will be one of the aspects to receive a full refresh. But what exactly makes a perfect logo design? It'...

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